E.L.T ( English Language Training )


English Language Training (ELT)

English is increasingly becoming the language of international communication, and AMIDEAST has made providing quality English language training to students and professionals a priority in the last decade. In recent years, demand for AMIDEAST's English classes has grown tremendously. In 2002 alone, over 20,000 students benefited from our English language training programs.

AMIDEAST offers English language training in locations throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Classes are taught by professionally trained native speakers of American English who use communicative teaching methods. Students learn practical every-day English that they can use in real-life situations such as at work or school. AMIDEAST's small classes, customized instruction, and comprehensive learning resources help students improve their English language skills quickly and effectively.

AMIDEAST organizes English classes for adults as well as children. We design courses tailored to the specialized needs of individual organizations, businesses, and government ageNICes. As part of the Integrated English Language Program (IELP) II in Egypt, AMIDEAST works with the Academy for Education Development and Egyptian and U.S. institutions to institutionalize quality pre-service and in-service training for Egyptian English teachers.
In recent years, AMIDEAST has made substantial capital investments to develop state-of-the-art computer and technology facilities in several locations, equipped with the latest software applications for the sectors we serve.

Experienced Teaching Professionals

  • Personal attention that encourages and motivates every student
  • Practical experience teaching English in the Arab world
  • Classroom experience in teaching English as an international language

Proven & Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Emphasis on real-life communication and interaction
  • Training in both spoken English and formal written composition
  • Computer software and audio/video technologies to assist in listening comprehension, speaking skills, and grammar lessons
  • Appropriate and up-to-date materials on American culture and dialect
  • Adaptive teaching to the different learning styles of each individual
  • In-class participation with an emphasis on practicing what is learned

AMIDEAST ELT Teacher Application Form

Qualified teacher candidates seeking employment opportunities with AMIDEAST are invited to use our online application. Please click here

Customized & Convenient Classes

  • Designed for specific purposes: business, academic, tourist, etc.
  • Classes for children, students, businesspeople, or specific organizational needs
  • Multiple course offerings at different times and at various locations to fit individual schedules

Learn more about AMIDEAST's English language programs:

Specialized English Language Program Offerings

These English language programs are designed to meet the specialized needs of governments, the private sector, and the general public. Offerings include:

  • English for Special Purposes
  • English for Young Learners
  • Test Preparation
  • Contractual Programs
  • English for International Communication

Project Experience in English Language Training

AMIDEAST designs English language training programs to meet specific goals and needs. Recent programs include:

  • English Language Testing and Training (ELTT)—Egypt
  • Integrated English Language Program II (IELP II)—Egypt
  • Legal English/Legal Rights English—Egypt
  • Military Language Institute—UAE

Technical Assistance & English Language Training

These English language training and technical assistance programs are offered to businesses and industries, educational institutions, small businesses and non-governmental organizations.

For more information about English teaching programs at our various field offices, please follow the links below:

Courses in Study

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Hardware and Networking

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English Lang. Training (ELT)
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