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1. Tutors and Managing Director

The excellent tutors at NIC College of Distance Learning are selected based on two criteria: (1) their academic background and in-depth knowledge in the subject areas they teach, and (2) their ability to inspire, challenge, and guide students to reach academic excellence. Our tutors in every discipline actively participate in course development and are experts in their respective fields. The tutors work with the Managing Director to recognize what skills are needed for success and to develop teaching strategies to hone those skills.

NIC College of Distance Learning, Managing Director, M.M.Hussain, has been actively involved in the field of education, with an emphasis on educational alternatives. His educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Commerce(Computer)from Osmania University. He has successfully owned and operated numerous educationally-related businesses: Professional Tutoring Programs, R.E.C. Day Camp and Ski Club, Enrichment Program. As a Managing Director, He meets with the students to help them improve their study skills and time-management skills, and SAT preparation. He also serves to advise students as they start clubs, run businesses, and work on community service projects to improve their leadership skills. Students begin meeting with the Managing Director to build respectable student profiles that show personal integrity, leadership, and compassion beyond the classroom. Each student has the opportunity to have personal guidance counseling not only to ensure academic success but to help select the best university based on each student’s personal interests. The students receive direct guidance in planning and organizing the entire college application process to ensure successful completion of the many necessary tasks, while the students are involved in their regular academic classes and activities.

2. Educational Consultants

Finding the right University for your son or daughter can be a stressful and time consuming process. While families have traditionally had to orchestrate their own school search, NIC educational consultants offer a wide variety of professional services to help you find the best University for your child. In general, an NIC educational consultant can provide families with a full range of advisory services that include educational testing and preparation, interview scheduling, admission advocacy, placement counseling, academic monitoring and support, summer placement, school finaNICng, coaching and free jobs placements. offer a flexible fee scheduled based on the service desired by individual client families. Most importantly, these talented professionals work to help make the school search process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

3. NIC Educational Consultants helps students stand out among other candidates, maximizes their strengths – and presents them in ways that will make the difference.

With spiraling increases in levels of competition and the cost of education, more students and their parents are turning to professional guidance counselors to effectively meet the admissions challenge. Through a personalized program that is both time and cost-efficient, we help young people determine the most appropriate direction for them – based on their academic record and individual interests and needs.

NIC mangement team, collaborative process and continuous interaction with universities are unusual in this industry. As is our presence on both coasts and in Europe and Asia. With NIC, you benefit from a far broader base of knowledge and experience, which reduces the stress of today’s admissions process, helps your son or daughter target the best possible educational environment – and represents them in the best possible light.
We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

4.Educational Consulting

Expert both on U.S. education and the systems and special needs of institutions in the Middle East and North Africa, AMIDEAST can guide institutions in strengthening their educational programs or developing new models of instruction. Some areas in which Advising and Testing Services can assist international institutions include the following:
Explaining the U.S. system of education and helping to develop American/international educational programs at the primary, secondary, or postsecondary levels.
Providing resources on U.S. curriculum and educational standards.
Locating appropriate tests for academic or professional purposes and offering support in test administration, scoring, and interpretation of results.
Acting as a liaison to consultants specializing in U.S. accreditation practices.
Matching overseas academic institutions with appropriate U.S. consultants, partners, or ageNICes to meet their needs.
If you would like to learn more about the assistance we can provide your institution, please contact the NIC Management Team.

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